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Pre-CBT Course

A two hour, one to one session with an instructor.

Pre-CBT Course £110


Pre-CBT Course Details

Most students that have never ridden a motorcycle whether it be automatic or geared can find the thought of being with others that may have ridden before, quite intimidating. Worried about making a fool of themselves in front of others; being unable to grasp the concepts quickly enough, or simply being very nervous are real issues that are quite common.

To address such issues, we strongly recommend this pre-CBT course particularly if you intend to ride a geared motorcycle.

As with all our courses, we can supply you with an approved safety helmet and motorcycle gloves. You do need to wear a sturdy jacket, non-ripped or stressed jeans and preferably a pair of boots that protect your ankles. It goes without saying that your clothing does need to be waterproof just in case it rains!

Your instructor will take you down as a passenger (pillion) to our off-road training area and have the time to teach you the basic principles of setting off and stopping through correct use of the machine’s controls and looking at where you want the bike to go.

If you can master these basic principles, the remainder of the session will cover some of the more challenging exercises that are required to be performed during a CBT. These exercises may include figures of eights, U-turns and controlled stops as if in an emergency and gear changing if you have chosen to ride a geared motorcycle.

The instructor will be able to identify and discuss any problems you are encountering and recommend whether or not you need to book another two-hour session or are at a level capable of successfully completing the CBT course.

All of our students that take this course are more than satisfied and go on to successfully complete their CBT.

Note 1: We can only accept students who are sixteen years old  and above (even though you can apply for and receive your driving licence before your sixteenth birthday).

Note 2: Please note to ride a motorcycle or Scooter you must have some sort of balance. So if you cannot ride a pushbike unaided then it is very unlikely that you will be able to master the balance of a motorised vehicle.

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