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Gear Upgrade

Gear Upgrade Course

The gear upgrade course is for students that have ridden an automatic and would now like to learn on a geared motorcycle.

Gear Upgrade

  • Course Price
  • 2 Hours off-road £110
  • 3 Hours (includes 1 hours on the road)£160

Gear Upgrade Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course as it is presumed that you will have a valid CBT certificate for the moped or scooter you are currently riding. This is normally a two-hour session, but may be extended to three hours in order that an hour can be spent out on the road.

Gear Upgrade Content
Your instructor will take you as a passenger (pillion) down to our off-road training area where he will run through the controls of the geared motorcycle and their correct usage (comparing them to the controls of your moped or scooter).

Once you are happy with the controls, your instructor will discuss the B(rakes), O(il), L(ights), T(yres) and S(teering) checks as they pertain to the geared motorcycle.

You will then sit on the motorbike and shown the safety position, the safety checks we perform before starting the motorcycle (FIGS), and how to correctly switch the engine off.

Once this has been completed, your instructor will explain how we place the motorcycle into gear using the Hendon shuffle, and how we safely find the biting point (the place where the clutch starts slipping). You will be asked to perform this exercise several times.

Your instructor will also explain the correct procedure for slowing the motorcycle down to a stop and what you need to do should it all go wrong.

You will then attempt to move the motorcycle forward and bring it to a stop several times, before being asked to ride around the circuit. Your instructor will then explain how we can use clutch slipping, throttle and rear brake to ride the motorcycle very slowly and smoothly.

All of this will have been performed in first gear!

Finally, your instructor will explain to you how to perform gear changing smoothly before you attempt to do it yourself.

Gear Upgrade Outcome

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