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What Are We?

We are a small family run motorcycle training school that offer our customers very high quality motorcycle courses at very competitive rates!
Here at Bikewize, we pride ourselves in our ability to teach and coach students that are prepared to learn. We are passionate about motorcycling and thoroughly enjoy passing on our knowledge and experience to others. So, if you want to learn to ride a moped, scooter or motorbike; train for the DVSA motorcycle test i.e. MOD1 (Module 1) & MOD2 (Module 2) or simply improve your motorcycle riding skills, our instructors will do all they can to ensure you achieve your goals!

Here are just a few of our students comments:-

  Google Review From Rob

Did my a2 test with them a few weeks back, had martin as my instructor and it was the most chilled out and relaxed instructing. Many thanks for getting me through my test.

  Google Review From Keiron

Did my CBT today at bikewize, it was an absolute pleasure, Martyn was my instructor and he was very helpful getting us through the CBT. I will doing my A2 with them couldn't recommend anyone better.

  Google Review From Vitalijus

I have done CBT and DAS at BikeWize and I couldn't recommend them enough. It is an excellent training centre with highly experienced instructors who do their best to prepare you for safe and comfortable riding on the roads. I have 10+ years of driving experience and still learned so much. Instructors and admin staff are an absolute pleasure to work with, be prepared for loads of good banter. A small bit of advice for any future students - make sure you understand why you have to do things in a certain way instructors are very helpful and will answer any questions you may have - no question is a stupid question. Best of luck.

  Google Review From Eli

As an individual who wanted to acquire my full motorcycle licence I was very skeptical about what school to choose. But I am extremely pleased that I stumbled across Bikewize. When I initially came in I had very little experience riding a motorcycle. But this was no issue at all as the instructors were very informative in what I needed to do in order to acquire my licence and be a safe and responsible rider in general. I can't recommend them highly enough, genuinely nice people all around and very supportive while I undertook this challenge.
Courses We Offer

We offer a 10% discount for all emergency and armed service personnel booking a motorycle training course for themselves (proof of employment is naturally required)!

Courses We Offer


The Pre CBT is a two hour one to one session with an instructor.

It is primarily aimed at students who are unsure about their confidence levels; or are unsure if riding is going to be for them.

The Pre CBT can be on either an automatic or a geared motorcycle; training being given in the safety of our off-road site.


The CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is a course that has to comply fully with DVSA syllabus ( read more here).

It is important to understand that whilst most students can complete the CBT syllabus in one day, it is NOT a one day course.

The task of your instructor is to ensure that you demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to ride a moped, scooter or motorbike safely on Britain's demanding roads.

Students that do not complete the CBT in one day should not be disheartened as we all have different levels of learning ability.

Your instructor will advise you as to what you need to do in order to sucessfully complete the CBT syllabus should you struggle with any of the elements.

Road Ride

The road ride is a two hour session on the road with an instructor.

It is primarily intended for students who completed Elements A thru D of the CBT to a satisfactory standard but had issues on the road during Element E and were told to brush up on their Highway Code knowledge before returning to complete their CBT.

Pizza Hut day 2 students that are required to complete a second two hour road ride would also need to complete this course before they are allowed to deliver pizza's.

Finally, we offer this service to students who have completed a CBT, been issued with their certificate but would like an extra two hour road ride with instructor supervision on their own bike.

Experienced CBT

The experienced CBT is for those students that still have a valid CBT certificate and although you will have to perform elements A-E, elements A,B and D are performed using a question and answer session followed by the two hour road ride (this being a minimum).

You may use your own bike for this purpose providing you can show us valid insurance papers and M.O.T. certificate if neccessary.

Gear Upgrade

As it currently stands, if you have completed your CBT on an automatic motorcycle, you are entitled to ride a geared motorcycle without further training. We strongly recommend however, students who wish to upgrade to a geared motorcycle, attend this course.

An instructor will provide you with essential theoretical knowledge and practical training both off and on road to ensure that you have the ability to use the gears correctly and ensure that you can still ride safely.

Training For DVSA Test

We offer three, four, five and six day courses for A1, A2 and A motorcycle category tests. All courses are tailored to suit the individual needs of the student and do not have to be taken on consecutive days.

You have to be very careful when selecting the number of days training as the last day is reserved for the two part test itself. This means for example that a three day course is two days of training and testing on the third day.


Already have a full motorcycle licence but haven't ridden for a few years? Not a problem as we offer refresher training as either a half or full day course. The format of the refresher is down to you!


This is a one day course that introduces the advanced motorcycling system as used by the Police Class 1 motorcyclists. The course consists of approx two hours of theory and then a ride out into the countyside for the rest of the day.

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