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DVSA Enhanced Riding Scheme

DVSA Enhanced Riding Scheme

The advanced training course is aimed at motorcyclists who would like to improve their riding skills, and gain a DVSA approved certificate at the end.

DVSA Enhanced Riding Scheme

For a days (09:00 to 15:00) training

Half day (09.00-12.00 or 12.00-15.00) training

£110 Half day £200 full day

Advanced Prerequisites

You will have a full motorcycle license (either A2 or A category).

You will need to arrive on the date and time of your course with your driving license and your national insurance number.

You must have at least 1000 miles of riding that motorbike under your belt before attempting this course. If you do not have your own bike we can lend you a bike at an extra cost.

Advanced Content
How It Works:

You’ll go for an assessment ride with one of our DVSA approved Instructor. They will see what you are good at, and what you might need to brush up on.

The ride will consist of a variety of road and traffic conditions. Which will last approx two hours, which gives you both time to identify any areas you can improve on.

After The assessment ride:

If you do not need any training, you will get a DVSA enhanced rider certificate straight away -that is it!

If there are things you can brush up on, your trainer will work with you on your own personalised training plan.

There are some core modules, which cover things like defensive riding, overtaking and filtering and bends and corners.

Then you can choose to do extra modules.

Yu can choose do complete an all day course or half day courses, depending on what is right for you.


The best bit! Most insurance companies will ofer a discount when you have your certificate

Advanced Outcome

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