Road Ride Course

PLEASE NOTE: This course is primarily intended for students that have taken their CBT with Bikewize, although we will accept Pizza Hut day 2 students who completed their CBT with another riding school. Bikewize reserves the right to deny any other student on this course.

Roadride Prerequisites

The road ride covers Element E of the CBT, Pizza Hut Day 2 and students who have a valid CBT and require additional riding under instruction.

If you have completed elements A through D of the CBT to the satisfaction of your instructor but not met the required standard during element E, then you will have to retake Element E again. Your instructor will have explained to you the reason why a CBT certificate is not being issued and what you need to do before you return on this course. You will have to rebook this road ride course within two weeks from the date you have taken the CBT. If you don't, then you will need to complete the entire CBT course one more time.

Pizza Hut day 2 students are required to complete an additional two hour road ride in addition to the CBT two hour element E road ride. This is a requirement imposed by Pizza Hut before they will employ you. This road ride is not classed as training but more a test where your instructor will only give directions in order that they may assess your riding ability. NOTE: The Pizza Hut Day 2 price is £60.

Students with a valid CBT certificate may purchase this course if they feel that they would like a little more instruction on their own motorbikes whilst they are riding. We have frequently had students that would like our instructors to meet them at home and ride with them under instruction to their place of work as a confidence boost.

Roadride Content

Your road ride will consist of riding in typical traffic conditions (including traffic lights, roundabouts, junctions, pedestrian crossings, gradients and bends), and carrying out a u-turn and an emergency stop.

Roadride Outcome

For students who have successfully completed element E of the CBT, you will receive your CBT certificate.

For Pizza Hut day 2 students, at the end of the road ride, your instructor will complete an assessment form that you have to provide to your Pizza Hut branch.

Roadride Price

  • The road ride price is £55
  • The Pizza Hut Day 2 price is £60