Training Course Notes

Motorcycle Training Course Prerequisites


These notes are a supplement to the prerequisites to individual courses. All our courses are held in English, so it is very important that you have a reasonably good verbal and written command of the English language.

We will have NO hesitation in calling the Police if we feel that there is even the slightest hint of fraudulent activity (for example somebody pretending to be somebody else).

All of our telephone calls are recorded for your protection just as much as our office staff. Abusive or threatening remarks during a telephone conversation will result in the call being terminated without notification. Similarly, in a face-to-face situation, abusive or threatening remarks to any member of staff before, during or after will result you being asked to leave the premises.

Upon booking a course it is very important that you let the office staff know of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to complete the course you are booking. This information is held in the strictest of confidence and helps us to provide you with the highest quality service that we can. Examples would be but not limited to, impaired hearing, learning difficulties, diabetic issues, anxiety issues etc.

Students that are short of stature who intend to book a DVSA test training course are strongly advised to come to the office in order that they may sit on our motorcycles to ensure that they have no problems with seat height and the weight of the motorcycle.

Upon payment of your course, you will be sent an email that contains your course dates and attendance times, along with our terms and conditions. It is very important that you receive this email and read it very carefully. Please let the office know if you have not received the email with a few hours in order that it can be resent.

Please get a good nights sleep before you attend a course day. You need to be alert and focused in order to ride a motorcycle. Refrain from any alcohol or use of drugs for at least 24 hours before. The ramifications of not following this advice could result in a serious injury or be fatal.

On the day of your course please be outside our office before the time specified on your email (this is particularly important for the CBT course). Let us know if you are running a little late by calling us in good time so we can assess the impact on the course and more importantly other students.

If you are unable to attend the course due to illness, please let us know in good time. We will consider your reasons very carefully before making a decision regarding the possibility of rescheduling the course date and/or you loosing your course fees.

In adverse weather conditions such as wind gusts expected to be above 35 m.p.h. or severe ground frost, ice and snow we may have to reschedule your training day. If you are unsure on the morning of a training day, please call the office before you set off from home.

Please study the highway code before starting any course. We do not expect you to know every rule, but a good working knowledge is very important. If we feel that your knowledge of the highway code is not acceptable, we have the right to stop you from riding a motorcycle on the road. Car license holders please take special note of this (regardless of how many years you have been driving).

Please ensure that if you have declared to the DVLA that you need to wear glasses (you will have the code 01 in the last column on the reverse side of your driving license), then you bring your glasses with you or have contact lenses. We are required to get you to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. You will not be allowed start the course if you cannot read such a number plate at that distance and you will not receive a refund.