Advanced Course

The advanced training course is aimed at motorcyclists who would like to improve their riding skills.

Advanced Prerequisites

You will have a full motorcycle license (either A2 or A category).
You will need to arrive on the date and time of your course with your driving license and your national insurance number.
You must use your own motorbike for this course and have at least 1000 miles of riding that motorbike under your belt before attempting this course.

Advanced Content

Your instructor will spend approximately two hours in the office explaining the I(nformation) P(osition) S(peed) G(ear) A(cceleration) system of riding and how it improves your ability to ride safely on all types of roads and terrain.
You will then be supplied with a radio, and taken out onto a variety of country lanes where you can practice these skills for yourself. You will be able to practice negotiating bends through 'reading' the limit point of the bend; the dead man zone on left hand bends; the use of countersteering; dealing with hills; positioning; horses and accompanied riders etc.

Advanced Outcome

A great feeling of pride as you realise that your riding skills have started to improve. Of course,a single day will not make you a safer rider overnight! It will however provide you with the tools that are necessary to make safer progress; tools that need to be practiced whenever you get the opportunity to do so.

If you are serious about taking your advanced motorcycle test, then we cannot recommend enough joining the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists). Talk to your instructor about this at the end of your course and they will provide you with the relevant information.

Advanced Price

  • For a day (09:00 to 15:00) training £200