Why Bother?

Russian Roulette

"Let's play a tempered down form of russian roulette ... you know the game where we take a six chamber revolver, load one bullet and then spin the chamber so we have no idea whether the chamber facing the firing pin is empty or not ... point against the shoulder and pull the trigger ... you have a five to one chance of being on an empty chamber.

OK ... same scenario but this time point it at your upper leg and pull the trigger.
Again ... same scenario but this time point it at your hand and pull the trigger.
Finally ... same scenario but this time point it at your foot and pull the trigger.

Not your kind of game eh? A little bit extreme?
How would you explain your injury to the doctors and nurses at the hospital?
What would you say to your family and friends?

Riding a Motorcycle with Inappropriate Clothing

You might not see it in quite the same way, but if you ride a two-wheeled vehicle on the road wthout appropriate clothing you are effectively playing that game ... albeit with less probability of ending up in hospital.
My argument is why take any kind of chance!
Motorcycle clothing is there to protect you from the elements, sun, rain, wind, cold, insects, debris such as small stones being flicked up from the vehicle in front of you etc. It also stops you from loosing skin, muscle and bone if you decide to have an unscheduled dismount from your vehicle.

Motorcycle Rash Pictures

I was going to put up some pictures of road rash produced by bikers sliding down the road using their skin as a brake but I decided that would not be fair, so if you have the stomach for it, check out "Motorcycle Road Rash Pics" or a similar search in your favorite browser.

Purchasing Motorcycle Kit

Motorcycle kit of a respectable quality will be double or even triple stitched to ensure that the seams will not burst open if you decide to have that unscheduled dismount.It won't cost you a fortune - approx £100 for a jacket and £100 for trousers. Gloves will be approx £50 and boots £100. In total £350! You can go even lower and get fully kitted out for under £200 (that includes an ECE22-05 helmet) but I would say that if you do come off your bike, your clothing will protect your skin, but you will probably have to purchase new kit afterwards!
A Bikewize tip here is always buy motorcycle kit that is one or two sizes to large. This means that you have a cooler air gap in the summer and can wear more layers in the winter without restricting movement.


There is no excuse for not wearing protective motorcycle clothing even though it is not a legal requirement. It does not matter how short a journey you are about to make or how warm it is outside, never ride a motorcycle without the proper kit.
You never know when the chambered bullet is in line with the firing pin.