Fast Track CBT Course

The fast track CBT course is aimed at those students who can prove that they have held a CBT certificate but it has expired.

Fast Track CBT Prerequisites

In order to qualify for this course, you must still produce your CBT certificate even though it has expired. Without this, you will have to complete the more 'normal paced' CBT that normally spans an entire day.
You also need to bring your driving license and your national insurance number.

Fast Track CBT Content

The Fast Track CBT is exactly the same as the CBT except that your instructor will move you on at a much faster pace than would be expected on a CBT thereby reducing the total amount of time taken to complete the course.
It is a legal requirement that all five elements of the CBT be covered before a CBT certificate be issued (however, there is nothing that stops your instructor from progressing you over each element topic or exercise that needs to be seen much faster than for a student that has had little or no riding experience).
It is important for you to understand that if you are not able to keep up with the pace, you will NOT be able to complete the course and will have to rebook and pay once again for a normal CBT course. This is to ensure that other students do not have to wait around for you. If you are in any doubt as to your riding ability, you are recommended to opt for the CBT course rather than this fast track course.

Your instructor will also expect a much higher standard of riding out on the roads from you, compared to what they would expect for a normal CBT and will be considerbly more critical during debriefs.

Fast Track CBT Outcome

Provided that you are still at the required CBT standard, a new CBT certificate will be issued.

Your instructor will also strongly recommend that you take motorcycle license rather than renewing your CBT every two years. You can with a little help from youtube, book your own motorcycle theory test, and take your two-part motorcycle test using your own bike (although we do recommend that you have a little formal training with an instructor). This would currently cost you £23 for the motorcycle theory and £90.50 for the two parts to the DVSA test. This is known as the A1 motorcycle license and restricts to to riding a motorcycle up to 14.6 b.h.p. and no greater than 125cc. When successful, you don't have to take a CBT again, you can loose the L-plates, carry passengers and are allowed to ride on motorways.

Fast Track CBT Price