125 Training & Test

You can continue your training on a 125cc motorcycle gaining in confidence and ability until you pass your test, or, if you are 21 or over you can opt to carry out your training on a larger motorcycle (Direct Access Training).

Our training courses are put together to suit you, the individual, depending on the level of experience you already have, and all course can be done in a block of consecutive days or split up and spread over a longer period. Many people find that spreading the training over a longer period allows them to carry on with minimal disruption to their normal routine.

The motorcycles we use for the 125cc courses are Yamaha SR 125s and the Honda CG125 similar to the ones in the photo below. Alternatively you could opt to use your own 125cc bike as long as it complies with DSA test vehicle requirements.

A typical "Novice rider" course consists of CBT on day one, a couple of hours of road craft theory on the morning of the second day, followed by spending the remainder of that day going over the basics of machine control and road riding routines and techniques. Days three and four would see you out on the road again, learning, practicing and perfecting machine control and road craft. Throughout the course you will obviously be working towards getting ready to pass the practical test. The test will usually take place on the fifth day, usually first thing in the morning, but it can be arranged at other times if required, for example at the end of the final day's training. Please note that training for the theory test is not a part of our practical courses, see our theory training and test page for further information.

There is no substitute for experience and adequate preparation when it comes to passing the test and riding safely on the road: when selecting and booking a training course be realistic about your current level of riding ability. Remember if you fail the test because you weren't ready for it, it will work out to be more expensive in the long run.

Our Prices include On road training, practical test fee, bike hire, fuel & insurance, Safety helmet & Gloves see our terms and conditions.

We offer split courses over weekdays and weekends to help spread the cost and help with work commitments. Daily and hourly rates are also available if you require.

Daily and hourly rates are also available if you want to spread the commitment and cost over a period of several weeks or even months.

When you pass your test on a 125cc motorcycle you will be restricted to a motorcycle with a power output of no more than 25kW (33BHP) and any size engine for a 2 year probationary period. (You could get a more powerful bike restricted at extra cost until your two year probation is completed). If you are 21 or older then why not consider the Direct Access Scheme.

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